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Becoming a standard

Validactor is not yet officially on the market and is already becoming a standard. Dozens of companies are willing to protect their products with the Validactor technology. Easy to implement, easy to learn, efficient, impossible to clone and most important affordable by any company, Validactor is not only an anti counterfeiting solution. Validactor is a full set of functionalities that bring security, data analysis, advanced marketing, point of sales and customer profiling among many other things.

"We are proud of the market acceptance our innovative solution is receiving" said Dino Sergiano at the Independent Press Intl., "we are deploying the most efficient technology and user experience ever seen on such products, and we are sure that any manufacturer regardless of the size of the business will benefit from implementing Validactor".

Validactor will be officially launched on the market, worldwide, by the end of September 2016 even if manufacturing companies are being accepted and registerd since last June. If you are a manufacturing company, do not miss this opportunity, be among the very first to join. Visit to get in contact with the company.

The social page is.....

..under final tests. Be ready to interact, choose, rate and talk directly to any listed product. Manufacturers, you are welcome to list your products for free. social1

What is counterfeit?

What is Counterfeit from Validactor on Vimeo.

VaCodes now printed directly on fabric

Our VaCodes can now be also printed directly on fabric. "This is a major achievement "says Mariella Profeta CEO of Validactor, "We position our technology as the only solution that cannot be hacked or reproduced. We are proud of the solutions we are offering to fight fakes and grey market practices." Luxury brands will be the first to benefit from this new technology.
Our anti-counterfeit solutions are suitable to any product or market regardless of its size. Check our website for more info or contact directly us.

Four Reasons Not to Buy Counterfeit Goods

Why you Shouldn’t Buy Counterfeit

Here are four reasons why buying counterfeit goods is a bad idea:

- When you buy counterfeit merchandise, you are giving your money to a dishonest person. The seller is committing a crime by selling you the merchandise.
- Your actions cost the company making the real product. Companies spend a lot of time and money fighting back against counterfeiting. This means they can’t use that money to make more of the legitimate product or hire more people to make and sell the real thing.
- The price for the legitimate product rises. Companies pass the costs they incur fighting counterfeiting along to consumers.
-You’re probably buying lousy merchandise. Counterfeiters are generally out there to make a quick buck. They probably don’t care about repeat business, meaning they have little incentive to put quality into what they sell. Therefore, what you buy may fall apart or stop working soon after you buy it. If you go out and buy something legitimate afterward, your savings from buying the knock-off have just been wiped away.