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Secure Product Serialization for all

Protect, track and manage your products on the fly, boost your sales

Our innovative software serialises any kind of product. Using Validactor you can instantly check if a product is authentic by simply scanning the product unique code.

- Codes are created with a crypto-random generator algorithm
- They are unique for each product item
- They are simple in order to be readable even at small sizes
- Product data is stored in our Cloud based platform
- In addition to product authentication, our technology facilitates in-market intelligence, grey market tracking, and recall management

We deliver
- Powerful Anti Counterfeiting Features
- Products Tracking and Management
- Big Data
- Products Verification
- Products Social Network
- Social Chat Messaging
- Advanced Manufacturer/Customer Interactions

What users can check
- Authenticity
- Production History
- Production Details
- Expiration Date
- Legal Distribution
Including warnings, recalls, user manuals, recipes, discounts and any manufacturing product data product.

Why to use Validactor
- To be part of a rewarding system (wins and prizes)
- Not to be part of an illegal trade
- Not to encourage tax evasion
- To protect customer health and safety
- Not to be scammed

Fact: Counterfeit Goods Market Value is $653.77 Billion

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